Family Mobbs
Arms Vert (green), a cross pattie, between four doves argent (silver)
Crest None Recorded
Motto None recorded but one branch used "Post Funera Feenus," meaning "an interest after death."
Notes The arms described above, is recorded by Burke (the best considered of the 1 of 11 Britished published Heraldic Authorities on English, Scotch, and Irish family arms) for the family of the Mobbs. The only arms that was granted any branch of the Mobbs Family, and they were one nationality only, around 1620. The original main line of Houghton, Country, Norfolk, England around the year 1600. According to Gulliam's "Display of Heraldy," 1600 edition, the color vert (green) on family arms signifies Hope and Joy. Argent (silver or white) denotes Peace and Sincerity.

Report by Algin H. Reeves, Box 221, Nesta, California

Meaning of Symbols and Colors for the Family of "Mobbs"

Dove: Holly Spirit
Where more than that is shown, it indicates that the bearer has been successful in many enterprises

Cross Pattee: Associated with Church Life

Helmet: that of a Duke, made of steel, garnished with gold. Faces front with five bars, lined with red

Mantle: the flowing robe that protects the helmet from the sun and the rain

Wreath: The twists of silk that holds the mantle in place.

Colors: Green for Hope and Joy, also Strength and Sturdiness, Silver for Sincerity and Peace.

Report from "At the Sign of the Crest" by Hazel Bilers

The coat-of-arms has been painted and presented to Rebecca Passmore and Denny Mobbs as a wedding presented by:

Miss Seedie Clemmer
P.O. Box 377
Benton, Tennessee


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